What is SEO/ Search Engine Optimization?

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Search Engine Optimization basically are tactics implies working on your site to build your visibility when individuals search on Google, Bing, and other web indexes for products or services related with your business. The more visibility you get the more chances you develop towards attracting your audiences.

In simple terms, SEO is a process through which we can make a particular content rank higher on search engine results with the best keywords.

What is the difference between SEO and Paid Campaigns?

The key difference between SEO and Paid Advertising is that you do not have to pay for your website ranking and visibility when you work on your website using SEO techniques and Google Algorithms. On the other hand, in paid marketing you would have to pay for advertising your contents.

How does SEO work?

Different Search Engines like Google and Bing use robotic methods to crawl pages on the internet, visiting from site to site, reviewing information about those pages. This technology is similar to a librarian helping you pull up a book (or a page) to help you find precisely the thing you’re searching for at that point.

Search Engines are ready to serve their users with the best service. Their primary goal is to deliver best quality results to the users they are looking for. To serve them best, search engines like Google and Bing keep scanning different websites, scan the information they are about. This helps their algorithms to deliver relevant results to those who are searching for certain topics or keywords.

What are the benefits of doing SEO on your site?

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-It helps to increase your visibility and ranking over the keywords you are targeting.

-By creating more SEO focused content we can draw maximum traffic towards our pages and posts.

-Greater visibility and relevant traffic lead to conversions and sales. Thus, contributes your business to grow.

What are the types of SEO that can change your game in online marketing?

1. On page: On page SEO refers to the activities that we perform on the website content. This includes keywords, headers, meta titles, meta description, etc.

-Research your keywords: Keywords research in Digital Marketing is the process through which we find out the exact terms people type on different search engines for particular product, services or information so that we can include those terms on our page to get the visibility of the relevant visitors.

-Metadata: Metadata helps search engine algorithms to grasp what the site is all about. Hence, it is important to optimize meta titles and meta descriptions including relevant keywords so that maximum eyeballs can hit your site.

-Internal Linking: Internal linking are the URLs on your website that we generally use to recommend for further details on a particular topic. Inserted links on targeted keywords with high authority sites helps Google to read your site and makes your page more user friendly.

Including ON-Page activities on your marketing strategy helps Google to crawl your website and enables its algorithms to read. Thus, rewards you be displaying your site with the relevant keywords.

2. Off-Page: Off- Page SEO refers to the work activities that are not done on your website. This helps your exposure and increases trust for your company which ultimately rewards you with more visitors and sales.

Majority of the off-page activities are focused on building backlinks, which is a practice of other reputed websites to link back to your website. Pages with high number of quality backlinks tend to get higher ranking and visibility.

Backlinks are treated as “votes” form other websites. Each backlinks says that the particular content is valuable and useful.

Before getting a backlink:

-We should ensure that the backlink giving site is highly authoritative.

-The backlink giving site should be related to the niche of your site.

Some of the prevalent link building tactics include Guest Posting, Web Directory Links, Forum and Blogposts comments, etc.

3. Technical SEO: Technical SEO refers to the activities that enable Search Engine to crawl your website easily. As Google Algorithms keep evolving, this type of SEO strategies keeps evolving too.

Your technical SEO efforts should be productive to ensure Search Engine do not experience difficulties while crawling your site.

Technical SEO includes optimizing website speed, responsiveness to different devices, structuring URLs and consistent internal links.

4. Local SEO:
Local SEO is the variation of SEO that focuses on specific arena rather than national or international focus. This is all about increasing your presence to your own community and promoting your products and services to the locals peoples.

Local SEO highly relies on Google My Business Listing. This is where you submit your address, working hours, business description, photos, contact details, etc.

Benefits of making efforts towards Local SEO are:

-Its highly targeting.
-It’s free.
-We can compete easily at our local levels.

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You need to keep in mind that SEO is an organic way to establish your business online and thus it takes time to reflect results. You should not expect overnight success. However, following best practices as per Google SEO guidelines and Google Algorithms can give meaning to your efforts on SEO.

Creating valuable and quality content to help human visitors can help your in long term. Thus, can help you bringing relevant traffic and conversions on your site. And this will continue for years………

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